How to lodge a complaint

Our step to step guidance:


Address a written complaint to the financial institution

  • Give the financial institution an opportunity to sort things before resorting to us.
  • Write to the financial institution: – Make it clear that you are making a complaint – Explain your situation – Tell them how they should put things right for you
  • The financial institution must provide you with a reply within 30 days

We understand that you may have complained verbally, but this won’t be sufficient.  Please make your complaint in writing.


Address a written complaint to the Ombudsperson for Financial Services

No reply from the financial institution?
You received a reply but not satisfied with it?

Lodge a complaint with us by filling out our complaint form


Information that we need

  • name and address of the complainant, together with ID No.;
  • if you are not the complainant, please include a signed authorisation from complainant;
  • name and address of the financial institution against which the complaint is made;
  • a declaration as to whether the financial institution against which the complaint is made, replied to your complaint;
  • nature of the complaint;
  • the facts and circumstances giving rise to the complaint;
  • the relief being sought
  • You are encouraged to include:
    • relevant and important information such as relevant dates, places, time;
    • details of phone conversations and meetings

Tell us who was involved, what was said, when they took place


Documents that we need

  • A copy of the complaint made to the financial institution;
  • A copy of the reply from the financial institution, if any;
  • A copy of National Identity Card or Passport
  • A copy of any other related document that the complainant may wish to rely upon or any document that may help us find a solution

If you do not have a copy, don’t worry – Simply let us know that you made the complaint

eg. Agreements, terms and conditions, letters, emails, receipts etc

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